Handstand mastery

A solid handstand course providing you with a systematic and holistic method for learning the freestanding Handstand.

About the Course

About the course

I have dedicated 17 years of my life to artistic gymnastics and I'm now ready to give back my career of gymnastic knowledge to a broader audience. That is why I am offering a complete handstand course including more than 140 video tutorials, numerous exercises and expert advice.

The course content is inspired from my former elite coaches, personal training and my five years of experience from gymnastic coaching, to give you a systematic and reliable method for learning the handstand. No equipment needed, only curiosity and determination.

Whether you’re a beginner who has never attempted the handstand or an experienced athlete, this course is aimed at everyone wanting to balance upside down. You will not only build strength and put on muscle mass, but more importantly you will improve your overall body-control and learn the most valuable and transferable skill of all bodyweight strength exercises.

About the coach

My name is Henrik and I’m a 24 year old former national team gymnast and Swedish Champion. I have trained artistic gymnastics for as long as I can remember and have had the honor to represent my country on national stages. Besides training on my own, I have 5 years of experience of being a private and head coach for adults as well as head coach for youths.

All my gathered experience of gymnastic skills training, from both successes and failures, I now would like to make available to more people. I strongly believe that the fundamentals from gymnastic training is one of the absolute best training forms for building a powerful and healthy physique, which can improve your performance in any other sport or training form. It's my mission to help more people to experience the extraordinary benefits of gymnastic training and reach their personal training goals.

About your coach
Move better

There’s tons of strength training programs out there, and some might even get people stronger, so do we really need another program? If you’re interested in moving better, then the answer is yes.

By working with gymnastic strength and mobility exercises you’ll build the power and body control that carries over into other demanding physical elements, other sports and your daily movements.

User friendly

The course is programmed in a progressive manner from beginner to advanced through different sections including video tutorials, all designed to give you peace of mind.

Also, the course comes with an app, so that you can technical advice and guidance wherever you go and on whatever device you like.

Bodyweight skills training

All skills and exercises in this course are bodyweight variations, and there is no need for any training equipments.

By training this way you not only increase strangth but also perform exercises that supports natural body movements. There's also limited excuses for not training, since the programs doesn't require any gym but can be done practically anywhere .

Start your handstand journey!